Andrew Bell, Marketing Director outside of Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center during the Brunch and Beats event

Andrew Bell, Marketing Director outside of Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center

Sol Collective, a center which offers many programs and services to the youth and surrounding community of Sacramento, is marking its ten-year anniversary this summer. Sol Collective hosts art exhibits, music shows and workshops for area youth. The center also provides a large open space for other community gatherings such as poetry nights and community meetings.

“Whether it’s Brunch and Beats, the Global Hood Music Series, or the Sol Life record label, the aim is always to promote positivity and community building through the arts and cultural exploration,” says Andrew Bell, Marketing Director for Sol Collective. “Brunch and beats is a way for us to further connect with the community we serve.”

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Sol Collective is currently featuring an art exhibit by the Trust Your Struggle collective titled “Of Love and Riots.” There are many art pieces that make this large exhibit. Along side this the center is holding the second annual Global Local Festival in September. The festival will include activism, art and culture.

“(Our) mission is to empower the community we serve through artistic expression and cultural celebration while providing a safe, creative space for youth and creators of all ages,” says Bell.

Sol Collective

In addition to the events mentioned above and positive actions Sol Collective is arranging, the center is home to many activities and is a great place to express oneself and experience art and culture all in a protected space.

Anyone interested in Sol Collective and any future events they are holding, their Facebook can be found at their Sol Collective Art Culture and Activism page.

Furthermore, Sol Collective is hosting Global Local Music Series presents: Live Afro-beat w/Zongo Junction on Wednesday, August 5th at 8:30pm and also Global Local Music Series presents La Misa Negra on Friday, August 7th at 8:30pm.