Broccoli. A common vegetable we are all familiar with, right? Wrong! When asked to identify this green tree like food children were stumped. This of course was a few years ago but, now thanks to the Food Literacy Center, an organization offering health education to youth across Sacramento, 87% of students can now identify their fruits and veggies.

In a town where over 59% of residents are either overweight or obese something had to be done. With the problem being quite apparent in our youth the simple answer seemed to be starting with them. In 2011 Amber Stott created the Food Literacy Center with the mission of educating Sacramento’s youth on healthy food choices.

What does food literacy even mean some may ask. Well according to the center, food literacy is  understanding  the impact of your food choices on your health, the environment, and our community. Food literacy is something the FLC hopes not only do children in Sacramento learn but, the community as a whole. One way they go about achieving this is teaching the children simple tips and recipes that they can then go home and teach their parents and friends.

They hold a variety of events and programs to better help the community and offer free cooking classes  that utilizes fresh fruits and vegetables. The next class is August 3rd from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Their main office is located at 2973 Third Avenue Sacramento, CA 95817 Anyone visit their website at and find loads of healthy recipes and more information on the programs they offer along with volunteer opportunities and internships.