Greetings! My name is Victoria Dries. I currently attend Folsom Lake College, the smallest sister school in the Los Rios Community College District. I wish to finish my general education courses for transfer and in addition achieve an Associate of Arts degree in English.

I am an ambitious individual with a huge thirst for knowledge. I believe this is what drives my desire to pursue my dreams, like obtaining my degrees and gaining a career in teaching. I devote a large portion of my time to studying because I consider the investment of my efforts now will manifest into a beautiful future that will benefit others and me. I want to use the knowledge I gain throughout my time in college to help others realize and achieve their goals.

Through my fifteen-year exploration of education, I have personally found writing to be the most interesting and satisfying of all the subjects. Writing provides people with the ability to sort through their own sentiments and experiences by being able to express them in a well-organized arrangement. I have found this outlet to be extremely important because it necessitates the writer to see their own thoughts visibly, completely vulnerable and bare on the page. Often times, I read my own writings and I am forced to reconsider some of my previous thoughts and think more critically and see past my initial line of thought.

In addition to writing for remedial reasons, I completely enjoy writing songs and creating music. When I am not working or at school, I spend a lot of my time composing music in my apartment. I enjoy the challenge of composing music because it is quite the excursion and the final product is something I can be proud of. I began playing music in the sixth grade and quickly fell in love with the idea of composing. I play various instruments including the guitar, mandolin, ukulele and banjo. I believe my desire to study many instruments stemmed from my aforementioned innate thirst for knowledge.

As a new Neighborhood News Correspondent, I am very excited to begin this journey and explore what journalism has to offer. I cannot wait to learn more about our city of Sacramento and share the good things that good people are doing to better our community.