Volunteering at an UCSC event.

Hello everyone! My name is Maipaluku Moua and I recently completed my first year of college at UC Santa Cruz where I studied Psychology. I decided to return to Sacramento for school where I am currently attending American River College. Although my time in Santa Cruz was great, I knew that I wanted to return to Sacramento where I could support the community that I grew up in. With my first year of college done in Santa Cruz, I learned a lot and would like to bring the new things I learned to Sacramento. What better way to do this than with Access Sacramento?

Before I left for school in Santa Cruz, I attended a law-themed charter high school called NP3 located in North Natomas. Ever since I attended NP3, an interest in law sparked in me. Although I am interested in pursuing a career in the law field, I have always had a passion for working with the media. I often created and edited videos in high school that I shared with my classmates. I used to play around with different computer programs and record videos from my phone and video cameras teaching myself how to use them, but I am glad that I can now turn that hobby into an opportunity to bring together my community.

I am a very community-oriented person. In my spare time when I’m not attending classes or appreciating the city that I live in, I like to volunteer at local events. One of the more recent events that I volunteered for was the Hello Kitty Friendship Festival here in Sacramento. I think it’s a great thing to volunteer and even greater to get to know your community better.

With my genuine interest in my community and passion for working with the media, I am ecstatic to be a neighborhood news correspondent for Access Sacramento. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring neighborhood news to you all and am looking forward to the upcoming months ahead!

Born and raised in beautiful Sacramento, I enjoy spending time with friends and family in this city I like to call home.


The sun setting upon the Sacramento Airport.