imageHey there everyone! My name is Kiara Crenshaw. I am 16 years old, being the oldest of my parent’s kids. I have three sisters and one brother. I was born and raised here in Sacramento. I have been to over roughly 25 schools and lived in any and every area of Sacramento you can think of! I currently reside in North Sacramento in Del Paso Heights.

This coming fall I will be starting my junior year at  American Legion High. People typically have a preconceived notion about American Legion due to the fact that it is a continuation school, most of which are not true! Not all the kids that go there are bad or “ditchers” or whatever else comes to mind. I myself go there because during my freshman year I got really sick and was in the hospital a lot, causing me to miss school and my grades to drop. Not only have I caught up on credits, but through hard work I have the possibility of graduating this year versus senior year.

At my previous school I was the Vice President of the FIDM (fashion) club and played on the volleyball team. I enjoy all sorts of activities from reading crime novels to bike riding or simply being lazy and watching TV (Criminal minds is my all time favorite TV show). I play volleyball and am a master at tether-ball! Music is a giant part of my life whether I’m just listening to it or even writing and singing it. I have been writing ever since I can remember. Not just in school but on my own for fun as a kid (weird I know!)

In 5th grade my grandma and I were huge fans of CSI New York and decided that Sacramento should have a CSI show too, so we wrote our own version. That’s basically where I began to really enjoy writing stories. Years later, for my freshman year of high school I attended a performing arts school where I took a playwriting class.  Whether doing writing for my own recreation or an assignment, it became something I started having a passion for. Thanks to AccessLocal.Tv I have the opportunity to further explore my love of writing and cannot wait to see what it has in store for me!