Independence – The fact or state of being independent.

America is a country that has freedom to express how individuals feel. Other countries are banned from expressing on how they feel. Many countries are banned because of what they believe in or the individuals that control that country won’t allow the individuals to live freely. For example, parts of North Korea are not provided with electricity, the work that is done must be done during daylight hours. However, in the United States, has the ability to choose whether or not you have electricity. The freedom of choice is a big part of the independence factor that America thrives on.

What we as Americans enjoy as one of the major parts of our country, is we have rights. We also have amendments. Amendments are some of the major roles as to why we as a country has such great amounts of freedom. They allow us to make decisions as an individual and be accountable for those decisions we make, good or bad. Citizens of the United States are given privileges of having independence such as the First Amendment which is “Freedom of Speech”. With this privilege we are able to express ourselves freely in ways many other countries don’t without being reprimanded in some way or another.

Being taught independence plays a big part in my life. For example, my mother is a retired solider and she had to fight for our independence here in the United States. She shared different stories about adventures she had to go through for our country. I am thankful for her because without the work she did our world wouldn’t be in an independence state.