The celebration of our nation’s independence is today, and this holiday has special meaning to many Americans because on this day about 200 years ago our journey as a country began.

On the day’s leading up to the Fourth of July I have been reflecting on what independence means to me and how it feels to be independent.

I just recently broke my pinky finger on my right hand, which is my most dominant hand. I then went to the doctors and they wrapped my pinky and ring finger in a cast all the way up to about half way through my forearm.

Everyday I was reminded of the way the cast limited me and my abilities. For weeks I was writing and eating uncomfortably. For those who have been in a cast, I’m sure you can relate to the uncomfortable showers and the underlying stench of the cast.

The cast had made my life harder and the day it was removed was the day I have felt the most independent. I felt so overjoyed and relieved because I could now do the things I knew I was capable of. I felt free and this freeing feeling reminds me of independence.

Our American history shows that our forefathers fought and died for the idea of being independent. This feeling and state of independence brings to me a sense of purpose and with it the opportunity to achieve anything.

For many people an opportunity is all that is needed to make their dreams a reality. And because of this I rejoice and say to you “Happy Fourth of July.”