Sacramento has many organizations that focus on communities in need. For example, the Sacramento Housing Alliance  has been around for twenty-three years and focuses on the affordable housing here locally. SHA has impacted many local people. Another organization that focuses on improving the different communities is Sacramento Area Congregations Together, or Sac ACT, which is a multicultural organization.


Sacramento has many people who can’t afford to sustain their living conditions. To help the residents live better and healthy the advocates would like Sacramento to provide more affordable housing options. More affordable housing locations would allow many people to live in affordable homes.

“Because of the evaporating economy, housing is not affordable,” said Angela Adams, a local realtor.

The Sacramento Housing Alliance recently hosted an event called the Walk and Witness for a Just Ordinance on Affordable Housing. The walk started at the Trinity Cathedral and ended at City Hall. At the end of the walk the people gathered at City Hall to have a meeting about affordable housing.

The purpose of the meeting was to talk about higher fees for developers to offset affordable housing, and providing more housing for people in need.

One thing that affects affordable housing is the fact that many investors are buying up properties. With profits in mind it makes it difficult for the lower income individuals afford housing.

“A (certain) percentage of the homes built within the city limits has to be affordable,” said Tom Burruss, a local business developer.

Sac ACT and SHA believe that having more affordable homes will allow people to be stress free and be healthy.