On June 15th at the Guild Theater located here in Sacramento there was a special guest that spoke, Dr. Ben Carson. He Came to Sacramento to speak for Kevin Johnsons new project “Indivizible.” Dr. Ben Carson a renowned Neurological Surgeon who was the first African-American to operate on imagea set of joined twins from Germany in 1987.

Dr. Carson grew up in Detroit, MI were he lived with his mother and sibling. While growing up in Detroit Dr.Carson had a passion for reading. He went to several different schools throughout his lifetime. For example, one school he attended was Yale University. There is a movie about Dr.Ben Carson know as “Gifted Hands.”

Dr. Carson’s was the pediatric neurosurgery director at John Hopkins University. After working in John Hopkins his work became internationally known. He operated on several sets of joined twins. This condition is called craniopagus. To be more precise, he performed surgery on twins in Zambia, South Central Africa, that were joined from the head down. The surgery took 28 hours. This year the Zambia twins graduated from high school.

Dr.Carson is now running for President. Sacramento was his first stop after he announced that he will be running for President. He has over a 100,000 donors. If he is elected one of his plans is to provide a better health system.

Dr. Ben Carson explained how “Obamacare was the worse thing since slavery.”

There’s no issues between President Obama and Dr.Carson. However, Dr. Carson thinks he can do better.

The health system will provide health savings accounts. The health savings accounts will be active from the day the individual is born and until they die.

“People need to understand that Politicians aren’t the only ones who can solve problems,” said Dr. Carson.