With a single movement of the arm a tassel was shifted, an experienced ended, and a teenager graduated.

A big deal for some and a formality for others, graduation from high school marks a young person’s transition from adolescence into adulthood, although many of them would argue they feel no different after the ceremony.


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Adulthood cannot be achieved through such a universal act. Maturity comes differently to each person. It can be reached through an untimely traumatic event, an empathetic revelation, or, perhaps the most prevalent, a collegiate escapade.

College is intimidating, period.

In terms of a spectrum, feelings about it range from excessively ecstatic to tremendously terrified and everything in between.

“I feel very excited to go off into the abyss of college. It is time to learn that I can spread my wings and soar over it,” said recent Rio Americano High School graduate, Bliss Boutin. “Sure the unknown is intimidating, but it’s what makes life worth living. You have to feel, experience, and embrace with your entire being in order to lead a fulfilling life.”

Boutin, who will be attending Lewis and Clark University in the fall, shares similar sentiments with another student who plans to study Theatre and Dramatic Arts at Pace University in New York City.

“I’m so excited to be studying what I love in one of the best cities in the world!” said recent RAHS graduate, Alana Roberts. “But it is also one of the most dangerous cities, and theatre is a difficult industry to survive in.”

It is clear that young adults are thrilled by the concept of adventure, but can be timid when it comes to leaving home and “starting anew”.

They also feel that the cumulative aspect of it all heightens the whole transition.

“We have all worked so hard to get into college and the pressure has built up over the years,” said Ama Marcelos, a RAHS grad who is also planning on attending Lewis and Clark. “So emotions are flowing freely right now.”

Despite initial feelings about college most people enough themselves and some people even say it is the best four years of their lives.