image1Looking back, many people consider their time in college to be some of the best years of their lives, despite the high financial burden. But nowadays, college students can use the Internet to find money for tuition. The World Wide Web provides an open space platform for donors to offer their scholarships.

There are thousands of dollars of potentially “free” money available to a person pursuing their higher education. Nothing in this world is free and to win the scholarship you have to compete against other tech savvy students.

“I was working a lot, and the money helped pay for my books,” says Griselda Loza, a former college student who applied for many online scholarships and now advises many youth on how to navigate the process.

College students are faced with many financial hardships and scholarships could be a good stress reliever. Many students work a job around their school schedule only to spend most of their paycheck on school and books. With so much time at work to pay for college, a student’s grades could suffer.

Student loan borrowers from the graduating class of 2015 will owe an average of $37,000 per student, the highest average in history, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal. Combined, college students in the United States have built up $1.2 trillion in student loan debt over the past several years.

Every scholarship has different requirements. It could be for one specific gender or race or a grade requirement, or all three of those. So because of these requirements applicants are limited. With so many scholarships offered it makes it easier to find one that fits you.

Helpful websites like can broaden you scholarship pool. This helpful website collects many scholarships from different sources and make them easy for students to apply.

For students who spend the time searching online, the time invested can result in valuable opportunities.