Big Picture Learning is a non-profit organization that started in 1995. The organization focuses on the importance of school to high school students. Big Picture Learning has established schools nationwide. They want students to learn how to problem solve and be engaged in their community.


Met Students

There is a Big Picture Learning school here in Sacramento named The Met Charter High School and it was established in 2003.

The Met offers its students high-skilled work experience and internships. The Met students attend school on Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays students attend their internships off campus. The selection process for an internship is simple. First, you must read the internship database which has over 2000 internship sites. After you find a internship you’re interested in you must request the site to the internship coordinator. The internship coordinator then has to approve the internship site for you. Students must create their own resume and cover letter to send it to the internship site they are interested in.

Lilli Mercado, a student at the Met, has an internship at a local jewelry company named Compliment Inc. A regular day for Lilli is making jewelry, such as earrings, and packaging the product.

“I gained knowledge on how to make jewelry, some knowledge on how a business is run and how to track orders,”said Mercado.

Sandra Longfellow, another Met student, works at a local floral shop named Relles Florist. A regular day at her internship is taking flower orders over the phone and handling walk-in customers.

“My favorite thing at my internship is making flower arrangements,” said Longfellow.

The Met also allows students to attend college. While attending college, students can receive high school credits and college credits at the same time. Not many high schools in Sacramento allow their students to attend college while still enrolled. Learning at the Met is also different because students are with their advisor for all four years of high school. Students have three workshops they attend to gain their knowledge. The Met’s slogan is “One Student at a Time.”

“I love the Met, and I think it’s a lot better than a regular school,” said Longfellow.

With a dozen years of operations behind them, the Met continues to provide a different experience for their students.