Take a walk down any given street in Sacramento and a person is bound to stumble across some sort of personal residence, a place of worship, or a school, but most likely of all, a person will stumble across a place to spend money.


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There are few material things in life as versatile as money. It has the capacity to provide food, water, shelter, education, adventure, friends, and even more money.

It is only fitting that one of the most coveted things in America is hard to come by for a lot of Americans.

In a recent survey of 5,896 people reported by the Federal Reserve, they found that over 60 percent of Americans who make under $40,000 a year could not handle an unexpected $400 expense.

“I would probably have to borrow money from a family member,” said Sacramento resident Andrea Rego, a small business owner and parent. “If I didn’t have a familial safety net and I would have to scramble for the money.”

This raises the question of why so many people are living paycheck to paycheck and how can that system be improved?

A lack of financial literacy in today’s young adults could be a contributing factor according to Forbes magazine. College graduates are entering the adult world having made some terrible financial decisions in order to pay for college.

Another reason could be the increase in entire families being supported on minimum wage jobs. The Fight For 15 wage increase campaign has highlighted the “financial boot” minimum wage jobs place on families with their nationwide protests, including one in Sacramento’s own capitol not two months ago.

Whatever the reason, or a combination of reasons, it only further supports the claim that there is room for improvement in America’s economy.