“One of the best ways to fight and stop fraud is to shine a light on it. Educate citizens about the tactics scammers are currently using and what steps citizens can take to protect themselves.” This advice comes from Kenny Ehrman of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association Fraternity of Police.

Ehrman will be one of the several presenters joining Assemblymember Kevin McCarty at an upcoming town hall meeting on fraud protection for the people of Sacramento. It doesn’t take extensive research to find case after case of fraud in the Sacramento area alone. This town hall meeting, scheduled for Tuesday evening at the George Sim Community Center, hopes to shed shine a light of its own on the issue of being scammed, deceived, and otherwise ripped off.

The very nature of fraudulent crime is exactly what makes it so dangerous. In 2012, 16.6 million people nationwide were victims of identity theft alone. This form of fraud by itself cost consumers almost $25 billion. It’s crime like this, along with the many other forms of fraud, that the speakers at this event want to keep out of the Sacramento area.

The goal of this workshop is to teach the public about various scams and schemes that might otherwise fly under the radar. Unfortunately, there are many people who are waiting to take advantage of some unsuspecting consumer, which is why education at the local level is so critical.

According to the CSLEA, “Ehrman will join presenters from the State Bar of California, the California Bureau of Real Estate and the Medical Board of California, all consumer protection experts based on their daily jobs fighting fraud, to update consumers on the latest schemes designed to rip them off.”

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