On Saturday June 20th the Opening Doors agency will hold a household-items donation pick-up day to support this year’s upcoming World Refugee Day.


Courtesy of Flickr

The donated items will be put to use assisting the new arrivals in furnishing their homes.

Donations of everyday furniture items will be accepted, with the exception of bed frames and mattresses, and each item should be of a usable quality and craftsmanship.

“Bikes are also welcome as our refugees often attain a job before they are able to afford a car,” said Brittany Krol, a Refugee Resettlement Case Coordinator for Opening Doors.

Aiding refugees in finding transportation is just one of the many things the organization does to ease refugees through such a difficult transition.

“We begin our job before these individuals even arrive by finding them safe and affordable housing as well as personally furnishing their apartments to create a welcoming new home,” said Krol. “We then pick them up from the airport and work with these individuals for three months from the date of their arrival by providing support and guidance in navigating their new community and country.”

This includes helping them obtain work or start their own business and connecting them with other people going through a similar situation.

The overall goal of the agency is for each person and family they aid to have the tools to navigate within their new surroundings and to realize their potential of self-sufficiency.

Donation pick-ups, organized by Brittany Krol, can be scheduled by phone at (916) 492-2591 ext. 219 or by email at Brittany@openingdoorsinc.org.