Meet Tahoe Park Feature ImageSacramento, known for a long time as ‘The City of Trees’, has been ranked #13 in the nation for being an area abundant with high-quality, accessible parks.

The creator of this study is the Trust for Public Land- a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage cities to invest in giving everyone a well-maintained park to visit within walking distance of their neighborhood. TPL believes that “parks are essential for our physical and mental well-being”, and that they give citizens in a community an outlet to be close to nature.

The Trust for Public land generated these rankings using three main characteristics; acreage, facilities and investment, and access.

Sacramento was one of 75 highly populated cities to be rated. Sacramento tied with Aurora, Colorado and Albuqurque, New Mexico. The highest rated city was Minneapolis, while Fresno and Charlotte tied for the spot needing the most improvement.

“That is one thing I have always loved about Sacramento,” says Julie Telles, area resident. “I’ve lived close to a park my entire life, and it really is a fun place to be. It always brightens my day.”

Many would agree that parks provide many good things for a community-a place to exercise, experience nature, or simply take the kids for a fun afternoon. Studies have even shown that parks can reduce the rate of crime in certain areas, as said in an article by

With some work and motivation, our city could possibly hop up in the rankings next year.

To view these results yourself, you can explore the TPL website, here.

If you would like to view park rankings from previous years, you can view them here.