Recently, Manifest: Justice held a ten day community event to raise public awareness in response to the events in Ferguson, New York, and Baltimore. The event took place from May 1st to the 10th in Los Angeles. Manifest: Justice is a movement that wants to stop racism and create a more just future. They achieve this by bringing together local communities and artists to engage in issues surrounding social justice and human rights.

The Manifest: Justice community gathering in Los Angeles was packed with many different public events. The week long festivities were kicked off by a record changing fair, where people can get their criminal record changed under the new Proposition 47. It also included a theatrical performance by Roger Smith titled “Rodney King”.

Another event that took place was a beats, rhymes, and poetry event, where people gave spoken word performances surrounded around human rights. There was also an open art exhibit where local artists created social justice and human rights theme based art.

Manifest: Justice shines a light on racial issues through artwork. Art is a way of expressing ones emotions. Art has the power to change and alter a persons perspective. Manifest: Justice is the staple of local art work that reflects a fight for racial balance.

check out some of the art work displayed in the gallery.