Racism is an issue that America has been struggling with for over a century and has recently captured the attention of the people. Last month, members of the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities movement, funded by the California Endowment, met with Julie Nelson, Director of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity to help combat racial inequity.

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity is a national government network that works with local organizations to obtain racial equity and provide equal opportunities for all.

The California Endowment includes many different organizations that work hand in hand with the community. The GARE likes to target these organizations because they are the ones that offer services to the community and those services should not be affected because of a person’s race.

“Government has rule and responsibility to act in racial equity,” says Nelson.

GARE notices that companies can be bias towards certain people by the way they conduct their work. One way that the GARE advises to help stop racial inequity is by implementing racial equity tools in company decisions. A racial equity tool is a measure organizations take to proactively eliminate inequity before making policy and program decisions.

The presentation that GARE gave to members of the Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities program in Sacramento focuses on a three step process to create equal opportunities called A-C-T. A-C-T stands for “Affirm”, which means to state a problem or a goal the company faces, “Counter”, which means to face race directly and explain why there is a problem, and “Transform”, which means to change these policies.

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