People said it could not physically be done.

“Jenny, you’re never going to make it that long.”

People said that today’s modern lifestyle wouldn’t allow it.

“Jenny, what if you don’t come out of this alive?”

Those are all just words, I told myself, and I am a woman of action.

I would prove all the nay-sayers wrong by living a full week without sugar. I know it will be difficult but I have the time and motivation to come out victorious.

Day One: I accidentally ate a cookie for breakfast, so this is now a six day challenge.

Proper diet and nutrition have always been of interest to me. The idea of healing my body from the inside is the perfect cop-out for a girl who was afraid of taking aspirin until the age of 12.

I try to educate myself on health by both perusing the Internet and listening to and understanding my own body.

In recent months it has come to my attention that sugar can be linked to a number of health issues. Being the experimental dieter that I am, I wanted to experience life sans sugar, or at least life with much less sugar (it is almost impossible to eliminate it completely).

Day Three: I feel about the same. I am definitely less bloated. I believe I lost some water weight because I can’t eat about 75 percent of what my normal diet consists of. I find myself eating a lot of berries, meat and carrots.

Following this type of diet requires the elimination of almost all processed foods and anything with trans fats or artificial sweeteners. Food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats are encouraged.

Day Five: I am tired, but I feel like my mood is more stable. I find that my appetite has diminished greatly. Normally, I would finish everything on my plate, but now I can tell when I am full and stop eating without issue.

Day Six/Conclusion: I had no idea the grasp sugar had over my diet. It used to command my eating habits, so much so that I could not imagine life without it. Now I feel more free, unchained. I can go whole afternoon forgetting about food until my stomach reminds me. A week spent avoiding sugar has allowed me to become more in tune with my body.

Here is a simple low-sugar diet plan people at home can try.