Due to the increasing issues that surrounds boys and men of color, California took it a step farther by increasing the size of a special committee by 11 additional lawmakers.

Most individuals are probably unaware of the Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color that exist here in the state of California.  The committee focuses on issues  that minority males face such as nondiscriminatory policing and obtaining more money for schools that have a high enrollment of minority males.

According to statistics, California’s more that 70 percent of  the youth are young males of color under the age of 25.  The main objective is to improve outcomes for boys and men of color.  The committee also wants to find ways to provide more opportunities of success for boys and men of color.

The committee of lawmakers and other individuals are looking at ways to educate police on the way in which they communicate with boys and men of color.  Additionally, the committee would like to ensure that police are following proper protocol when dealing with young boys and men of color.

There should be money allocated to provide more prevention and intervention opportunities.  Boys and men of color should be viewed in a more positive way rather than looked at as being a criminal.  Another concern is whether police should be allowed to view body camera footage prior to the writing of  his or her incident report.