The Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) located in downtown Sacramento is a new and exciting development in the R Street Corridor.  WAL is considered one of the most creative and unique projects that was developed out of the iconic and historic Lawrence Building.  The Lawrence Building, originally built in 1914, was transformed recently into a 116 unit residential complex.  The 116 unit complex consists of units ranging in the size of studios to three bedrooms. Additionally, there is also a ground floor commercial and retail space.  The complex has an on site laundry facility and a structured parking garage.  While fostering communities of support and education, the warehouse provides innovative housing for Sacramento area artists.

WAL exists to encourage artists to collaborate and share their work and experience with other creative minded individuals. WAL was the vision of  a local businessman.  He wanted to provide an area/space  where independent artists such as writers, dancers, photographers, musicians, and others in the industry would be able to live and work.  He understood that many artists are faced with economic uncertainties while pursuing a career as an artist; therefore, personal money was used to develop and build the Warehouse Artist Lofts.

“We thrive to build a better community,” said James Kinloch, Community Director at WAL.


There are many amenities available to the residents of WAL.  First, there are art exhibits depicting the work of a few of Sacramento area artists.  Throughout each apartment, there are stainless steel appliances.

In many of the areas, there are large windows and high ceilings.  On one floor, there is a performance/community room.  The performance/community room can be utilized by the residents to conduct business, rehearse or host an event.  A dance studio is available in the complex to accommodate the artist with the gift of dancing.  There is also a rooftop space which includes a city view, outdoor garden,  kids’ play area, and entertainment area.  To ensure that the complex is maintained at all times, there is a residential manager.  The residential manager, relocated from Seattle, Washington is also an artist specializing in music.

To reside at the WAL, individuals must meet special qualifications.  Once an individual submits the application, he or she will undergo a screening process. For more information, visit