The raw perfume of fertilizer waltzes through the air as an elderly man is assisted in prepping his front yard for its advantageous “facelift”. A new Building Healthy Communities program called We Diggit Urban Gardens now exists which creates varying types of gardens for the people within the boundaries the organization serves.


Courtesy of Flickr

With the passing of the recently campaigned citywide urban agriculture ordinance, residential farming is not only allowed but encouraged.  Local programs like the BHC are voicing their approval and excitement by helping the community.

Participants of the program must qualify by being a BHC area resident, completing the additional free Gardening 101 Class, volunteering at a local community garden for a day, and committing to take responsibility for the care of the garden bestowed upon said participant.

According to the Yisrael Family Urban Farm website, the program will offer a variety of gardens accommodations for the differing living arrangements of BHC residents, “including raised garden beds and in-ground gardens or container gardening for residents in apartments or with limited space” to those who meet the reasonable qualifications.

Along with a free garden, recipients can receive gardening tools, composting advice and a year’s supply of seeds and plants.

“When residents are supported with education and tools needed to grow their own food, they become healthier by eating more vegetables, increased physical activity by working in the garden, and they save money by reducing their food bill,” according the Yisrael website.

Financially sponsored by the California Endowment and in collaboration with Soil Born Farms, the program really seeks to help Sacramentans turn a new leaf in their sense of health and community.

“With a single seed, not much bigger than the period at the end of this sentence, we will rebuild, restore, and repair our communities to a healthier place and well-being,” stated the website.

The amount of gardens that can be built is limited so anyone interested is encouraged to act fast.

Applications are available on the Yisrael website.