1961036_492098327599787_211095157929099911_oSacramento isn’t called the City of Trees for nothing. But those trees use a lot of water, and with California experiencing a record drought, everyone can do their part by cutting water usage. Though agriculture is the biggest culprit for water consumption in the state, residential uses like swimming pools, green lawns, and trees can also be curtailed. Luckily there are many organizations, like the Sacramento Tree Foundation, that want to help.

The Sacramento Tree Foundation will be hosting a water conservation workshop on May 30th, for anyone who wants to learn how to grow and maintain trees in a more water-conscious way. The Foundation, founded in 1982, works to “offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.”

According to their website, the workshop will “discuss responsible watering techniques for young and mature trees, the science behind mulch, and actions you can take to protect your trees during the drought.”

It may seem counter-productive to grow trees at the height of a historic drought, but the benefits are numerous. They absorb pounds of carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the air. The shade they provide reduces the need for air conditioning. They also prevent soil erosion and provide a habitat more all kinds of creatures.

But as with all life trees need water, and that’s where the Sacramento Tree Foundation comes in. Their upcoming workshop aims to help residents curb their water usage while keeping their green thumbs intact.

To learn more and sign up, click here.

Featured image from Flickr under Creative Commons