On a warm weekday morning the sun shines down on the busy suburbs of Sacramento illuminating the sky and coxing people out of bed. As a constant in our lives, we often take the sunny disposition of the Sacramento Valley climate for granted. Without it life would obviously be impossible, but any less sunshine than the valley receives now, our stock in farm fresh produce would quickly deplete.

Our amiable climate and fertile soil has given Sacramento the nickname America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.

On Wednesday, May 27th Valley Vision will hold an episode of its monthly webinar series, entitled Connected, which focuses on regional topics. Beginning at 11 am, this month’s discussion will focus on the Farm-to-Fork movement which aims at maximizing our regional food system.


Courtesy of Flickr

“The Farm to Fork: Maximizing Our Food System webinar will present opportunities to increase access to locally-sourced, healthy food in all of our communities while supporting locally-serving agriculture and increasing workforce opportunities and economic prosperity throughout our region,” said Katie Bess, a Project Associate for Valley Vision.

Valley Vision chose this topic for the month of May due to the interest and involvement it has gained in the past months.

“America’s Farm to Fork Capital” is an excellent marketing and branding initiative by the Sacramento Convention and Visitor’s Bureau,” said Bess. “It is also an opportunity to focus on supporting agriculture of all scales in our region in terms of economic viability so that our agricultural land stays in agriculture, and finding solutions to address the issue of hunger and food insecurity in a region with such bounty, including developing more urban agriculture.”

With such an important and relevant task at hand, Valley Vision feels it is especially imperative to educate Sacramentans of the crusade.

“All of this requires education at multiple levels from increasing awareness of the importance of agricultural exports to our regional economy to individual education in nutrition, cooking, and knowing where our food comes from. (Hint: it’s not just the grocery store.),” said Bess.

Although the attendance is free, it is necessary to RSVP on their website in order to attend. There is also a limit of 100 participants for all their webinars, so they advice interested people to make haste.

Valley Vision webinar series continues every fourth Wednesday of the month from 11 am to noon.