Recently, The Food Literacy Center, based in Sacramento, provided its students with a delicious “Rainbow Soup” much to the delight of all who consumed it. The center works with low income elementary children to teach them about nutrition and cooking.

They ensure the children learn ways to eat healthy while focusing on improving the environment, health, and the community. The Food Literacy Center started back in 2011 when founder, Amber Stott wanted to change individual’s behavior, attitude, and knowledge about real food. With a strong passion for food literacy and a long background in nonprofit management, she set out on quest to fill the gap in food literacy.

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Enjoying “Rainbow Soup”

In order to sustain a more healthy food literacy program, Stott and the two members of her staff worked long and diligently to improve the community. The three utilizes their social change, ideas, and expertise to educate individuals about food literacy.

The Food Literacy Center strives to ensure that the public knows the real story behind food. The members of the staff want everyone to know that their choice of food has a strong impact on health, community and the environment. Another important fact that is mostly overlooked is that obesity in our communities are associated with food choices.

“The kids loved the soup and had so much fun stirring the soup, setting the table, and helping at the “food literacy restaurant,” said Elaine Lander, program coordinator.

The Food Literacy Center shares their passion with others through teaching, feeding, and training. The curriculum for Food Literacy consists of a 9 week training academy that provides instructions to teachers about Food Literacy. There is also a basic cooking, nutrition, and food classes.

Additionally, the children are taught how to substitute common snacks with more healthy snacks such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

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