Girls on the Rise is a program of the Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc. a local nonprofit organization. The purpose of GOTR is to encourage young people to become health advocates and to strengthen and empower women and girls of color in South Sacramento. The program teaches the girls how to build a better community in which they live.

The service is open to girls in grades 10th through 12th. Approximately twenty girls are impacted by the program. The program is primarily designed to offer a safe and healthy environment for females in the community. The girls are taught social skills, self-confidence, and life skills. In addition to providing a safe and healthy environment, Girls on the Rise also teaches the participants about leadership. Leadership training is provided through mentoring and collaboration with their community partners.

“We, Girls on the Rise program, impact young women advocates and students in Sacramento interested in health and community activism,” said Program Assistant Kristine Lee.

The leadership component is offered through collaboration with students from local colleges and universities. Through their own life experiences, the college students are able to share with the girls from the group and teach them ways to overcome the many barriers and challenges they face in the community.

During the summer, a summit is also held to provide more in-depth activities and workshops that will assist the young ladies to become even more successful.

The  summit is held at the Sierra Health Foundation at their Conference Center during the month of August.  During the summit, issues from the community are addressed while participants brainstorm to find ways to improve the conditions in the community. The Girls on the Rise’s Summit teaches methods and skills on how to succeed outside of school life and what is needed to survive in life as an adult.

For more information, interested parties should email Lee at or to RSVP please click on this link.

Please look forward to their 2nd Annual Leadership Conference on August 7th at 9:00 am.