Every Thursday, the UC Davis Health Systems Campus off of Stockton Boulevard in South Sacramento holds a community farmers market in their parking lot. With new agriculture reforms in Sacramento, farmers markets may be more popular than ever before.

Earlier this month Sacramento passed agricultural laws that allow its residents to grow and sell fruits and vegetables that were grown on their property. These locally grown healthy foods may start circulating around these farmers markets. Farmers markets are a good push towards making a healthy lifestyle easy.

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I talked to Julie Gross, a physical therapist at the UC Davis Health System, and she says “We started the farmers market because want our staff to live healthy lives, and also as a community relations neighborhood outreach.” One of the goals of this farmers market is to make fresh foods available to the public.

The farmers market is filled with good times. This market contains vendors who sell products such as home-made soaps and hand woven baskets. There are stands where people can buy hot food to eat and people can enjoy some live music.