Recently 916 Ink, a program empowering kids and teens through writing, shared a video describing the transformations that occur as students journey through classes there.

The interviews of a few stand out teens give the video a soul of its own as it exhibits universal problems many people have and will face.

Study of Study

Courtesy of Flickr

They revealed stories and feelings, kept secret from friends and family, in their writing assignments.

“I kind of saw writing as an opportunity to… say what I like to say,” said Kaitrin Tat, a 916 Ink participant.

As a member of the most recent Find Your Voice class, Tat saw herself open up in many new ways.

“My parents had no idea I was getting bullied,” said Tat. “It was huge for me because I was able to stand up there and just say yes this happened to me and yes it really sucked.”

Maribella Smith, another student enrolled in the Find Your Voice class was able to reveal a crative side of herself she had not realized existed.

“My creative outlets just weren’t there and I was just so angry,” said Smith. “This class really … cleaned my soul in a way.”

Hillary Brugger, a 916 Ink instructor, swears that their programs allow students to make great strides in their creative writing abilities.

“We’re doing creative work with them to instill confidence and to make them unafraid to put words on a piece of paper,” said Brugger. “And it has actually had a big impact on that.”

Visit the 916 Ink website for details on all the courses they offer for youths of all ages.