On LiveWire this week, we have the Robert Brookins Music Academy who will be in to talk about their organization and give a live performance. Also joining us is Rick Gott who will be joining us to talk about his web series “Dark Pool” and a new series launch.


The Robert Brookins Music Academy (RBMA) mission is to provide educational services to the community’s youth by creating programs that recognize, encourage and enhance their natural talent. With these programs (seminars/workshops, music camps, artist development etc.), the RBMA will provide opportunities to develop the skills necessary to begin and sustain a career in the music industry, skills that can also be applied in other areas of one’s life.


For more info on the Robert Brookins Academy:

Robert Brookins Music Academy



Rick Gott is the creator and writer of Dark Pool. The team at their production company, Indie Episodic, is excited and proud of the successes of Dark Pool. They began the project to address a great need. Also a high school filmmaking teacher, many of his students were lost after graduation. He was driven to find a way to keep young people busy, engaged and feeling valued.


For more info on Dark Pool:


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