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Ten original 10-minute screenplays written for the “Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival were announced as winners tonight (Wednesday, May 13) in the 16th annual script competition.  The screenplay writers were introduced during Access Sacramento‘s Cast & Crew Call, where nearly 300 volunteers showed up to volunteer as actors, technicians and other support personnel.


A Place Called Sacramento 2015 Winning Screenwriters

The screenwriters now turn into producers with the goal of filming their movies by the end of summer, with a world premiere of the films to the public on Oct. 4 at 1pm at the historic Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.

In announcing the 10 winning scripts and their screenwriters, Festival Director and Access Sacramento Executive Director Gary Martin explained how three rounds of judging by industry experts with decades of experience makes the selection particularly impressive given the thorough blind review.

Martin also noted that the “Place Called Sacramento” Festival is the original and only local festival that is dedicated to celebrating exclusively local filmmaking.  Writers, directors, actors, technicians who support the digital filmmaking process are all from the local area.

Those in attendance at the Cast & Crew Call also heard from the Sacramento Film Commissioner Lucy Stephens who explained some of the rules about filmmaking in the Sacramento area.

For anyone interested in volunteering to help make one of this years 10 films, the following list provides the movie and writer’s names, contact information and a brief description of each film:

“61 Candles” by Cheryl Wynton – 61candles@gmail.comPrankster Steve’s birthday takes a turn for the worse when his friends must choose if a kidnapper’s call is a real choice of life or death.

“Death of Del Paso” by pdasaro@yahoo.comThe glory days for North Sacramento’s Del Paso area date back to the Gold Rush, but its decades-old story of decline may have a modern days purple lining.

“Focused” by Katherine DaSilva – focusedmovie@gmail.comFor one Sacramento photographer, getting lost in his work has left his personal life a blur, but could a second chance open the door to a more “Focused” world?

“The Jacket” by Clifford Lawson – reddcliff.jacket@gmail.comA lost-and-found jacket with mystical qualities compels a young boy to take a bike ride that may just mean the difference between life and death.

“Losing Kevin” by Josh Mihal & David L. Peters – LosingKevin@gmail.comThe path to the future is long when it includes being homeless, but a Sacramento man learns he can only really find himself by, “Losing Kevin.”

“Method” by Kleantre Shepard – pcsmethod@gmail.comIt’s an actor’s life: “Live the part!” but Tyler’s world turns upside down when reality and fiction make a sudden swap.

“Night Out” by Tay Ouk – nightoutshortfilm@gmail.comA casual night out turns awry when two friends hit a bump in the road they could never have expected.

“River of Fear” by Axel Ahrens – riverfear.movie@gmail.comCompetition between brothers is normal, but a summer adventure may turn deadly when a secret is revealed on the “River of Fear.”

“A River Runs, Shoe It” by Greg Marker – riverrunshoepcs@gmail.comWhy does a homeless woman steal shoes, lots and lots of shoes, and still wear her ragged toeless old pair?

“Win, Lose or Draw” by Donna Preston – WinLoseOrDrawFilm@gmail.comOpportunity and tragedy collide when two strangers, directionless Jimmy and grieving Sarab, inherit more than they bargained for.

IMG_3216In addition to introducing the winning script writers, the volunteers attending the Cast & Crew Call also had the chance to connect with other Sacramento area filmmaking groups including the Northern California Filmmakers Coalition, Capital Film Arts Alliance, Sacramento VIPs (Video Industry Professionals), California Film Foundation, SacCasting.com and SacFilmScene.com.

Access Sacramento is offering two specialty classes designed to help with this summer’s filmmaking process. A one-day “Acting for the Camera” class is May 30, and a TV/Film Make-up Basics class is June 6. Information on classes is available from AccessSacramento.org

For more information about the “Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Access Sacramento, 916-456-8600.