May is a time for finals, kids getting out of school, but let’s not forget that it’s also bike month starting May 1st until May 31st expanding through the region of Sacramento. This month long event was brought together to promote bike riding instead of congesting our streets indefinitely.

“The overall goal is to get folks to try biking as a mode of transportation,” said Sabrina Bradbury, a representative of “May is bike month”. Bikers can create an account to log and record all their miles.

“There is over 8000 active participants registered on the website and over 900,000 miles logged to date,” Bradbury explained. In May of 2014, almost 2 millions miles were logged on bicycle by area residents.

Sacramento and other counties in the region recognized that air quality and crowded streets and city traffic need to be immensely improved. The website features many easy tools for bikers to track their progress and stay on track to reach their goals. There are many events through the month of May that will encourage and push anybody with a bike to ride more and drive less.