On Saturday, May 2nd the Lemon Hill Neighborhood will hold a clean up day to be attended by community volunteers. Located in the Parkway-South area, the event is scheduled to start at 9 am with a light breakfast, and will be followed by clean up efforts until 2 pm.


Courtesy of Flickr

A variety of work will be performed, mostly centered on trash pick-up. Anyone who has driven down the freeway can see that Sacramento is not a litter-free city, and disposing of unsightly garbage is a method of beautifying the neighborhood that most people can get behind.

“We, the residents of Lemon Hill, are concerned of the illegal dumping, trash, and graffiti that has been going on lately,” said Ziola Hernadez, coordinator of the event. “We want a clean, safe environment for our children and our community to beautify our neighborhood.”

The event will be hosted in partnership with local institutions including Mutual Housing California, whose mission is to “advocate for sustainable housing that builds strong communities through resident participation and leadership development,” according to their websiteWill C. Wood Middle School, which in the direct vicinity of Lemon Hill, and Building Healthy Communities are also sponsoring the event.

Funded by the California Endowment, Building Healthy Communities is an organization that like Mutual Housing works to build strong neighborhoods, as well as healthy neighborhood residents. They are doing this “by improving employment opportunities, education, housing, neighborhood safety, unhealthy environmental conditions, access to healthy foods and more,” according to their website.

“Hopefully it sends out a message that we are a community that is going to work together and do what is needed to keep it safe and clean,” said Hernandez.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to donate their time and energy to help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the area.

Prospective volunteers are encouraged to sign up by clicking on this link or direct any questions to Crystal Huynh-Kim, Community Organizer, at crystal@mutualhousing.com