On April 15th a public meeting took place set out to inform undocumented residents about a new assembly bill that went into effect on January 1st of 2015. The meeting took place at the Saca Community Learning Center. The events ran through the whole DMV process with the help of Armando Botello the Deputy Director of Communications for the DMV.

Assembly Bill 60 was signed by Governor Brown in 2013 and just recently went into effect at the start of 2015. This two year time frame may have caused the unawareness of the bill.

“Our organization wants to do this because this law has already been passed and we want to make sure that all people are correctly informed,” says Carolina Florez, the emcee of the night and chair of the Latino Social Work Network Sacramento. “That is why we are doing this presentation in Spanish.”

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty also attended the event and gave a speech in Spanish. The presentation was in Spanish to make it easier for the people attending. There was even a booklet that was handed out to all that attended and contained all the information needed to get a license which was also in Spanish. The whole event was handled by the the DMV.

“Who better to explain the process than the DMV?” says Cristina Salazar, an intern for Assemblyman Kevin McCarty.

“Tonight I will make a presentation on how to apply for a license, on the documents they need and tests they have to take and general information,” Botello told those in attendance. “Then I will open it up for questions.”

Any undocumented resident who missed the meeting and is looking to obtain their license can go to the DMV and get help there.