The Sacramento City Unified School District is working their hardest to make school lunches fresh and healthy. SCUSD is hosting an event called “California Thursdays”, the first of which will be held this Thursday at John Stille Elementary School from 7:30-10am.  The event will consist of a free breakfast from 7:30-8am. The breakfast will include quesadillas, a fresh salad bar, yogurt, and fruit. Parents are welcome to come and bring their children to the breakfast and afterwards a farmers market.

SCUSD is collaborating with the Center of Ecoliteracy, other school districts, and community organizations to allow students to have fresh and healthy lunches. The fresh food will come from local farms that have fruits and vegetables.

The Center of Ecoliteracy is a non-profit that was founded in 1995 and focuses on education such as K-12. They also help other organizations such as foundations and filmmakers.

“I’m excited for having fresh food at our school,” says Elliana Rangel, a student in the SCUSD system.

SCUSD is also applying for a grant that will provide funding for the “California Thursdays.” This is SCUSD’s  first “California Thursdays.”

Anyone who wised to attend this event should RSVP by following the instructions on the flyer that is attached.

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