Mack Road Story

Credit: ReIMAGINE Facebook Page

The Sacramento Summer Night Lights program is expanding their youth employment for the program’s 2015 season, lasting from May 30th to September 7th at the Mack Road Campus and June 13th to September 7th at the Oak Park Campus.

Anyone from the ages of 18 and up can apply for employment for a number of different jobs including Youth Squad Leader and Program Manager. Program coordinators say that participation is a great way to earn some spending money and get to know other community residents.

Those who are not employed there are encouraged to come and participate in the fun.

“SSNL is a 14 week program for families.  All ages are invited,” said Jenna Abbott, Executive Director of the Mack Road Partnership and ReIMAGINE Mack Road Foundation.  “We offer sports, arts and crafts, music lessons, live music, a DJ every night and opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other.”

Despite all the fun and games surrounding the jobs and activities, the program is actually an effort to diminish crimes in the Sacramento neighborhoods where it is most prevalent, Mack Road and Center Parkway.

Following in the footsteps of Los Angeles, one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, SSNL has seen a drop in violent and illegal offenses since the program’s introduction.

Local businesses are encouraged to sponsor SSNL as the reduction in crimes and festivities are likely to draw in new customers to the area.

“When implemented correctly, the community grows and thrives.  Violence and crime is driven down and the fabric of the community is rewoven,” said Abbott.

Abbott suggests everybody mark their calendars or send an application in and prepare for a summer full of fun. Readers can visit for more information.