On April 10th 2015, The Rotary club of Laguna Sunrise will sponsor a free event called “Three important topics in three hours.” This event is open for all nonprofits including schools and government agencies. The speakers will cover topics such as leadership , presentation abilities and also helpful non-profit recruiting information.

This occasion really strives to start attracting volunteers instead of “Requiting “. It is a three-hour event that goes from 9am-12noon. The presenter is a well known author named Dr. Wittich with over nine published books on volunteering and leadership.

”I was fully engaged throughout your 3 1/2 hour training session on giving presentations,” says Shirley Pierini from ASIS international. ”You are so dynamic and interactive with the audience that everyone without exception walked away with new skills to prepare for their next presentation”

This occasion will strive to highlight the importance of the volunteering communities and its benefits on Sacramento as a whole. Each topic lasts a little over an hour will aim to help volunteer leaders enhance the way they get participants. Improving your presentation skills will wrap the free seminar up leaving you confident in your new leadership and ability to attract volunteers.

Networking is provided too by allowing time for people to connect with other Volunteer Leaders and volunteers themselves too. In cooperation with the Nonprofit Resourse Center, “Three important topics in three hours” will be held in Elk Grove California at the city council chambers. To sign up for the free seminar, just e-mail Dr. Wittich at: billwittich@comcast.net or call him at: (916) 601-2485.