IMG_0080On Saturday March 28th, State Senator Dr. Richard Pan held a meet and greet in his reclaimed office space as a thanks to those who supported him throughout his campaign. A light lunch and stimulating conversation were provided for the people who came out.

Pan himself took every opportunity to chat with the attendees, rarely spending a moment unaccompanied. In between asking about a supporter’s family or work, he shared his political goals for his district.

Pan was adamant about improving the economy of the area. “We need to build the economy and create more opportunities for people to gain employment or start their own businesses,” said Pan.

As a physician himself, he is especially concerned with health and its accessibility. “My mother always said that if you don’t have health you don’t have anything,” said Pan.

Last year he partnered with a number of local organizations to implement the Affordable Care Act.

“We reduced the number of uninsured, not only in the state, but in our own community by half,” said Pan.

He is also concerned with the discrepancies of the education system.

“We need to make sure people have access to good education,” said Pan. “Finding out how to give the support students and teachers need is the key to ensuring that students can gain access to a higher education.”

Pan believes that due to California’s large economical footprint it is expected to fulfill a leadership role in the country, which starts in small communities like those in Sacramento.

“We are in the mists of a neighborhood with a lot of strengths but it is also a community that is often underserved by government,” said Pan. “I am going to work to be accessible to the people living in the district, and make the state a good citizen of the community.”