Attending to 90,000 local residents and consisting of Medical facilities, health resource centers and even a local school district, Building healthy communities partnered up with over thirty Non for profit organizations to change the current healthcare system for undocumented residents. Many of those thirty originizations already support and provide healthcare for undocumented and uninsured of Sacramento. Health access action, part of building healthy communities aims to change the current healthcare system and extend it to provide undocumented residents healthcare insurance regardless of financial status.
In  an effort to build and establish healthier neighborhoods, BHC teamed up with UC Davis school of medicine to empower and spread more momentum and awareness on “health for all”. The CMISP other known as County Medical indigenous services program provided healthcare for Sacramento’s Undocumented low income residents in the past. The BHC always looks to eliminate environmental Barriers like transportation to make primary care more accessible.
According to an article published by BHC, they believe by working with stakeholders, public officials and healthcare systems they can design programs that can be implemented into place that would effectively reduce costs for hospitals, families and Sacramento countyoverall. After recognizing that their was a need for policy change in Sacramento regarding Undocumented healthcare, the BHC set out to change Healthcare and create “Health for all” in Sacramento. Building healthy communities is setting out to create solutions for all of California to create Heath care access to everyone statewide.