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Held on Florin Road at the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Museum and organized by the Read Across Jamaica Foundation and NAJASO, a national program called “Read Across America,” presents the joy of reading, learning, imagination and forms literacy circles of educational entertainment that ultimately helps increase reading proficiency rates. This program is targeted majorly towards American and Caribbean children who were able to enjoy music, group poetry and creative arts.

“Reading is very important for our children to be able to be equipped with the tools that they need to move forward into the future, and reading is an important tool to help them be successful,” says Shonna McDaniels, Founding Executive Director of the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Museum. “Especially with all the technology, video games, computers, TV, our young people have obstacles that divert their energy away from the fact that they need to be reading and learning something new daily.”

McDaniels, along with the rest of her organization, hopes to encourage children to be able to take a break from technology, pick up a book, enjoy the moment and be empowered. They hope to keep this event going at least once a month.

“What I see happening here today was truly exciting for me, we have a variety of community leaders that came and gave up their time on a Sunday. Just people in our community that are concerned individuals, to read to our children and to give their energy to this event. There’s a lot of interactive things going on, they had a chance to play instruments with the stories, they incorporated activities that related to the stories. Which further excited the children, and I think that it’s a very useful tool to incorporate activities to encourage them during the process of reading the books,” says Mcdaniels.

“Developing imagination is essential, being able to tap into your creative energy. That’s what we are here on this earth to do because we are apart of the creator ourselves and we should express our talents and abilities.”