A free event entitled “Understanding How Health Happens Where You Live” will take place on April 6th, at the U.C. Davis MIND Institute Auditorium where people can discover and share the keys to individual health and overall well being. The evening will be filled with film clips, profession opinions, and a question and answer session all keeping with the theme of society’s impact on health equity.

“I helped plan the event to give community residents, service providers, elected officials, community leaders and researchers a forum to share their knowledge,” said Arthur Hernadez, project coordinator.

A moderated panel discussion will feature a number of Sacramento’s renowned health officials who will speak on the health topics they specialize in as well as answer audience questions.

Through discussion, the community can shed some light on the factors that contribute to the good and bad aspects of the health system and on the county’s overall wellness.wordcloud-test

“The event is a time for participants to reflect on how our health status is impacted by the society we have collectively designed,” said Hernadez.

By determining the negative impacts caused by our environment, it is hoped by the programs organizers that the population at large can formulate a plan to negate and then eradicate them.

“I hope neighborhoods across Sacramento will be empowered to make the necessary changes that can improve the health of their residents,” said Hernadez.

Food and drinks will be provided for the attendees by The California Endowment. The seating will be limited. To get a spot sign-up at Eventbrite.com under the title”Understanding How Health Happens Where You Live” or find more details at http://calendar.ucdavis.edu/event_detail.lasso?eventID=16684