The My Future Initiative  Coalition, also known as “MyFI”, is a non profit organization that focuses on girls between the ages of 12 to 17.  This collation of girls and adult allies collaborate to prevent alcohol and substance abuse among teenage girls. This collaborative effort involves partnerships with local organizations, education, advocacy, and promoting a positive environment.

MyFI Coalition was founded approximately 4 years ago as a project of the Center for Collaborative Planning. “I’ve been with MyFI for four years.” says Nayloni, a program participant. The coalition is funded by Sacramento County Department Alcohol and Drug services, Division of Behavioral Health and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The MyFI Coalition provides leadership opportunities for young girls which empowers them to become stronger individuals of the community in which they live.  The coalition’s  main focus is to ensure the youth are educated and knowledgeable about alcohol and substance abuse.

The coalition meets monthly throughout the year and incorporates learning goals for the youth.  The coalition also has grant opportunities for other nonprofit organization which shares their same vision.

To receive a grant from the coalition the nonprofit organization must submit a written proposal. The proposal is  reviewed by members of the coalition.  After careful consideration the coalition then selects the best written proposal.  Approval is based upon the intent and goals of the grantee.