The California Endowment’s Health 4 All initiative advocates for healthcare for all undocumented immigrants. The purpose of its recent Health 4 All summit was to campaign for healthcare coverage for undocumented Californians. Many of the undocumented immigrants have contributed significantly to the economy and the communities in the state of California.

It is evident that many undocumented immigrants are scrambling to obtain and maintain affordable health coverage. One of the greatest challenges in our community today is healthcare for undocumented immigrants and the way it impacts their lives.

Although the Affordable Care Act has provided healthcare access to many Californians, there are still over a million undocumented immigrants in California that are still uninsured.  Health 4 All is taking steps to ensure individuals are covered. One of the greatest challenges is improving in the understanding of the issues from within communities. Health 4 All works  to educate struggling families on the important issues about health care and provides ways  to build healthier communities.

The California Endowment partners with other organizations to campaign for undocumented immigrants of California. It takes a collaborative effort to push this initiative.