My worst enemy is a blank page. As someone who loves to write I should possess motivation out the wazoo, but the pressure leaves me anxiously breathless and filling a blank page becomes the most daunting of tasks. I only really write when I experience moments of all-consuming inspiration or I have a fast approaching or already approached deadline.

Creating an image or a concept that others can latch onto is a thrilling achievement for me. Without my existence it would not exist. One could postulate that it is an extension of my own soul. My ego relishes contributing to theIMG_5534 world around me. Even more satisfying though, is the plaudits and commendation others occasional grace me with.

I personally strive to leave the audience tickled and amused, so funny and hilarious are adjectives I blush at being described as. Variations of sarcasm, puns, and irony consume my thoughts and escape in scatter plots into my writing. I greatly admire people who have a similar style, like Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman. Not to name drop but I have both their books. I hope to one day manufacture at the same professional caliber. I want to tell joke and be creative and inspire the world around me, but like I said, I am also a quiet person; the kind of who does not say anything unless they have an absolute conviction it is worth saying, so writing is kind of perfect for me.

Writing for my school newspaper seemed like the best place to start my career and this training program will, at most, catapult me into a life of fame and fortune in the writing industry, but I have never been the optimistic type.