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In the community of South Sacramento California, in the Meadowview area, there are many inspiring business owners who strive perseveringly to expand their business. During recent interviews, most stated that they got tired of working for others and decided to direct their energy towards their own goals and aspirations.

Everyone has their own path in life and these individuals decided to take the road less traveled. With a simple idea, and a drive to pursue it, their businesses have grown. Many interviewed were street vendors and some sold from small rented buildings.

“I have a daughter and I want to show her that there are better ways to make a living, though it wasn’t easy,” says Nikki from Nikki’s $1 Jewelry. “I wanted to make a difference by helping others feel better about themselves by making jewelry that is inexpensive and good-looking”

Mr. Kennard owns a business called “Nardo’s Platinum Services” and sellis his merchandise on 24th Street across from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library.

Me: How did you start your business?

Kennard: My cousin from Pittsburg California was selling perfume oils and I started from there and just expanded.

Me: How do you think your business will benefit our community as well as others?

Kennard: Well, what I do is I provide a lesser price for example; I’m selling this shirt that at Kmart would normally be $14.99 I would sell it to the community for $8.

Me: How has owning a business affected your life?

Kennard: It’s a big difference because I used to drive trucking and you have to get up early in the morning, then I had to go pick up my truck, load it up, then deliver. Then I would come back, unload whatever I didn’t deliver. It freed up my time to do something else just for the family, and there is nothing like owning your own business. It takes a lot of work though, some days its long hours. I like it though because it I’m a friendly person and I like meeting people.

Not everyone has to live their life working under others to survive. There’s always other options, and if you have an idea for a business that you want to pursue, despite your doubts, go for it and have faith in yourself.