Growing Together Sacramento, a California organization promoting urban agriculture, is hosting a new collaborative, called “A Garden in Every School.” This two-day event, scheduled to begin on March 14th, is tailored to community leaders who can work together to build school gardens from the ground up.

Backed by partners like Soil Born Farms and Slow Food Sacramento, A Garden in Every School will provide a valuable outlet for those passionate about urban agriculture and nutrition in California schools.

People from many different backgrounds, including teachers, gardeners, and parents, can have a chance to share their experience and resources, as well as learn from the many workshops planned throughout the day.

The guiding principle behind Growing Together’s work is to “create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, to make healthier food choices and to become better nourished.” It’s this principle that event organizers hope will find its way into schools across the state.

“Gardens offer beautiful, dynamic settings to integrate every discipline, including science, math, reading, art, environmental studies, nutrition and health,” according to Growing Together.

Events on the schedule include workshops on various aspects of the school garden concept. Teaching strategies, pollination, composting, and plant education are all issues that local leaders will have an opportunity to build on.

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