This life journey began September 5th, several years ago in Missouri.  I was born into a family of two older siblings, both of which are boys.  My brothers were older, and therefore it provided a protective environment for me.  As for parents, they both served in the United States Army, and I jaannikaam considered an “army brat.” Being an “army brat” can be both positive and negative. The positive side about being an army brat is the travel.

I have had the pleasure of traveling to over 20 states, including Hawaii. As for the negative, having my parents deployed on missions was never a good thing.  Although my parents were sometimes away, they still found time to ensure that I was in a positive learning and structured environment.

During my journey, I have met a multitude of artists, celebrities, politicians and other influential people.  I had the pleasure of meeting individuals such as Ghandi’s grandson, Ceaser Chavez’s granddaughter, Jesse Jackson, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Chief of the Labor and Urban Leagues, Justin Bieber, Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, Councilman Jay Scheneir, Robbie Waters, and many more.

In my leisure time, I spend most time helping others.  I have volunteered over 500 hours with organizations in and around the city.  I founded  and created an organization called “Sw3rv3 Gurlz,” and our motto is “Giving back is an opportunity for growth.”

My future goals are to attend college, and pursue a higher education to become an anesthesiologist. My ultimate pursuit is to one day operate my own multimillion dollar business.