image1 (1)My appellation is Maurice Bey. I am currently out of work and school, looking for the opportunity to make a difference in any community to the best of my ability. I have a passion to help and uplift others, as well as myself. 

Things that I love to do would include being out in nature, cleaning trash in my community, research, photography, music, athletics, writing, drawing, traveling, reading, eating healthy and spreading information to others. Being the eldest sibling in my family, I feel I should lead by example by pursuing the things that I love to do most and finding a way to earn an income while doing so. 

I try to learn as much as I can everyday in every way from all aspects of life. Self growth is a must on my journey in this life; I plan on being the best that I can be before moving on to the next. I don’t believe that you can effectively heal others until you have first learned to heal yourself. 

I have very positive attitude, I am a high energy being and team player. I am a strategic thinker, motivated, a fast learner, and committed to whatever task needs to be done. My experience in journalism has helped me build my skill of creative self-expression. I also have many notebooks filled with information and research that I have collected over the years. I think that the media is purposefully set up to keep the masses in a constant state of fear by focusing on problems that aren’t always in full truth. I believe that it’s important that my generation focuses on and spreads positive uplifting information that will actually have a positive influence on others. Too much focus on the problems instead of the solutions, only reciprocates more problems because I know that which we focus on we attract more of into our lives.

I am excited to work with people within proximity of my own age that want to build and expand upon information that is going to help raise the awareness of circumstances that are important in our daily lives. I believe that truth is a fundamental principle that must be shared with anyone who is willing to listen, knowledge and the application of it is power.