20141122_115944As someone who is greatly interested in journalism, the role of being a Youth News Correspondent has greatly impacted my knowledge and understanding of our resources. Before starting this job, I was clueless about the endless amount of organizations that are reaching out to communities and providing them with resources that are needed. It’s amazing to know that organizations are supporting the people with health, education, agriculture, and other important needs. Attending various community based events really improved my knowledge of the community and the issues most communities are facing.

One challenge I went through had to be my videos. I was never completely satisfied with the outcome of my videos. Sometimes I felt as if I should have recorded more or forgot to record something important. Even if I felt the lack of satisfaction in my videos, I am proud of the work that I have done.

To the future Youth News Correspondents, I encourage you to look around at all the great videos and articles at AccessLocal.Tv. Use those videos and articles as examples to learn and improve, creating your own original style. It takes time to adjust to the workload but as a few weeks pass by, being a Youth News Correspondent will feel like a natural part of your life that always offers you something new to learn. This job is challenging, however working hard and on time will lead you to success.