My community is located in South Sacramento known as Meadowview California. As a resident of Meadowview for the past three years, I have seen the many ups and downs that this neighborhood has faced. Yes Meadowview has a not so great reputation, but that does not mean that reputation defines the reality of living here. Just like most neighborhoods in Sacramento, Meadowview is still under construction.

There has been a negative stigma about Meadowview for quite some time now, but I have started to notice something very beautiful about the community. It’s almost like a landscape of poetry with its trials and tribulations. For just as chaotic some residents can be, they are loyal to where they live, which in fact is a major part of the chaos that occurs.

“I have been living here for more than six years, and refuse to live anywhere else,” says Imani McCall, a current Meadowview resident. McCall continues to say, “My sons have built more than friends, the neighbors are family and we treat each other as such.”

I too as a new resident stayed in the house because of the negative things I heard of. But as time went on I began to realize I moved into a neighborhood where I was another piece to the puzzle. The locals have jobs, families, and lives just like any other neighborhood. There are block parties, neighborhood watch, and even resources for redeveloping the landscape.

The greatest land mark of Meadowview is the Meadowview Community Center. The center is the backbone of the communities outreach for improvement. Located inside the center is a gym, daycare, after school programs, provides homework help, and provides complete career building for adults. It is also the home of a water park, and sponsors many sports for all ages to participate and compete in. The center has a numerous of other programs and is open to all residents of Meadowview.

In every community there will be an advantage and a downfall for the different individuals that make up the population. In the same sense, there will always be those in that population that care more about the community than another. The key is to decide who you want to be. Meadowview speaks for itself and blatantly displays that factor. As someone looking in, get to know the community before passing judgment. Meadowview is somebody’s home, not violence filled, but people filled.