City of Zion International Ministries (COZI) is a new church located in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento California at 3407 Altos Ave. The church was founded by Clifton Edwards Jr. in October of 2014. With a new church, comes new beginnings, and the need to find members to attend the church. Members are needed not only to build a church family, but also to help keep the church alive in hopes to better the surrounding community and touch the lives of those that walk into the doors at COZI.

Me: Tell the people a little bit about yourself. How long have you been preaching? What made you get into this field?

Bishop Edwards: Well my official title is Bishop Clifton Edwards Jr., I’m a son of a preacher. Our family came to Christ in 1969, I was 6 years old when I was baptized with the spirit in 1971. My father, mother, and sisters were all gifted by God to do ministry. I was originally a musician, but I new at a young age what I was called to do. In 1990 I started having visions of me preaching in front of people. Told my father, and began my journey.

Me: When did you start City of Zion International Ministries?

Bishop Edwards: We officially started October of 2014.

Me: Earlier you mentioned you had visions of becoming a pastor. Do you have any visions for City of Zion?

Bishop Edwards: Yes. Let’s be clear having a vision, or a type of goal for your organization is different than the spiritual divine inspirations. I talk about that when I preach, is the power of the imagination. If you can think a certain way, you can become that, its the power of creativity. The vision i have for the church is I see the church differently. I’m here to impact lives. I am young enough to relate to the younger generations, but also the older. The vision is to get the church to evangelize. To grow. Which is why we held a members harvest in November of 2014. I want to invite people of different colors and different backgrounds to come hear a word from God.

Me: Okay, so you said that you guys have already been working on expanding the church, like the November harvest. What other things are you guys working on to get members?

Bishop Edwards: Absolutely, well I appreciate this interview. This is one way to have a news article about me and the church, this will give us exposure. Unfortunately, because there are so little members, I am limited with ideas. The people are the resource, not finances. When you have people, you have resources. Word of mouth is the best resource.

Me: The church has been open since the end of 2014, we are entering 2015, have you seen any growth?

Bishop Edwards: When you talk about  a church, its different. You have the spiritual realm, and then the physical realm. Our job as pastors, preachers, teachers, is to grow the church spiritually. When you grow someone spiritually, and their lives change and evolve, they get excited about that and they start talking. I have a message for everybody. We just have to get them through the doors.

Me: Okay, you seem excited about that. What is your favorite part of City of Zion?

Bishop Edwards: There is nothing better than at the end of a sermon, and you see people at the alter and their lives are changing.

Me: With the good, comes the challenges. What can be improved at City of Zion International Ministries.

Bishop Edwards: I would like to see more more besides me sacrifice more time in their dedication the church.

Me: Does the church impact the community?

Bishop Edwards: I have to find out the needs of the community and try to meet those needs to get the peoples quality of life evolved, and to get them involved. So absolutely.

Me: Is there any one last message you would like to give to the people?

Bishop Edwards: Absolutely. COME, COME COME! There will be a word tailor made just for you. The word that can change your life, permanently. All it takes is one hour, to change one life!

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